Saturday, May 30, 2015

dream interpretation dictionary

If you dream of waking up at a time when you are a marked dawn that includes diligent and using time.

If you dream maligned person marked as a compliment people who appreciate you.

The poor
If you dream of being a poor person or beggar, marked that you will soon be pitied people. You give alms to the poor, you will gain marked the lawful administration.

If you mermimpi family, marked matchmaking you will soon arrive and whenever you get married then the one who aspired to succeed either.

If you dream of the people near you wear modern fantasy goods, marked with a life that is very exaggerated.

If you dream berfitrah, you will not be alienated marked the general population every year when you berfitrah according to religious rules.

Money / Money
If you dream of losing your money will be liked people and get a gift of nature. While the dream of seeing your money will not be marked bekekurangan in every period.

If you dream of seeing a photograph hanging on the wall, marked a romance and matchmaking that perpetuate and full impati. Meanwhile, if you dream of making photographs marked your talent in the arts will soon appear. If you dream to photograph people or places, meaningful progress because you may get encouragement from a friend. Dream to see the photos in the album, meaningful will get heart trouble (breakup).

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