Saturday, May 30, 2015

dream interpretation

If you dream of seeing a madman, you marked in an extremely busy and do not necessarily life. Your own being wacky, marked otherwise ie you will encounter sanity and goodness behavior.

If you dream of a lot of people in the village who lives economically, marked your life greatly admired because of the way wealth is lawful. While you are economical, marked a new job as soon as possible endowed preferred living in the social field.

If you dream of seeing or find an eagle, marked honesty anan while scintillating seketiduran soon betrayed by your friends.

If you dream of carrying a bucket full of water, marked the work now will be a success, the dam when the bucket is empty unmarked better job not proceed.

If you dream of being a walk in the dewy grass in the morning, marked a fortunate marriage of one side of your family.

If you dream you are chasing an animal, poorly marked, and do you feel there will be people who want to make things. and if the dream of seeing an animal was wagging its tail in front of you, marked something or someone who comes to you for help or assistance.

If you dream of seeing the ice road, you will enter the work marked a new and more perfect than that sekarng. Ice balokan you see in one place, marked a very difficult event now facing will be resolved

If you dream of the Almighty is a very good sign sekalli that will not lack all time. all who aspired to be granted with no impediment as long as you truly demonstrate honesty in life

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