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dreams analitics from primbon

If you dream of slaughtering pigs, the address will be lucky once, and dreamed of pig carcasses is not very well marked.

If you dream of body fat means that people will be glorified and high dijujung. And if you are skinny body opposite sign. Dream bloody body will treasure unmarked durable. And the dream body out lice, a sign for that hard to be entertained and for the sick will be healed.

If you dream of seeing rhino, marked will have a major influence in social position or trade that is leading now.

If you dream of seeing or being held captive by pirates, you marked success in work and got a good offer between the two big jobs and big benefit. Being a woman who dreams of captured pirates can address immediately mating or mate.

If you dream of your shirt torn marked there will be news that will buruksekali that will trouble your soul. And if you dream of something you see less action fun or would scandalize the public, indicating you are in the mix tindaktanduk less attention. Suppose you dream of when someone you like undressing (cover nakedness, like a veil). it means that your efforts so far in the search for the man's attention is futile. In conclusion the person you like it wants to stay away from you.

Clothes Brackets
If you dream of seeing a wearing braces, cheap sustenance address because you did not hesitate to look for work.

Oversized shirt
If you dream of getting your clothes marked greatness can be a great advantage. And if it gets big clothes, bersirat will soon receive an unexpected profit.

Green shirt
If you dream marked in green you get a blessing from God Almighty. If you marked your white shirt in a position scorned people, and when the liver loses a sign of mourning clothes.

Embroidery clothes
If you dream of wearing embroidered proclaim your grandchildren or nephews anan will have a provision that comes on suddenly. Meanwhile, if you are dressed in torn marked everything stored inside the house will be known.

If you dream in danger, marked your life is so peaceful there that spoil quickly. While helping people in danger overwritten, you apply well marked (fair) fellow comrades.

If you dream of a happy marked inverse, you run life should be more cautious again (alert) Different if you bermimpikan happy people, is a sign that you are loved by people and given the opportunity fairly.

If you dream of seeing shadows or glass marked diair you will get a better job again.

If you dream of paying debts, berartikan excellent course in the field of your work. Your trusted by employers who provide power.

If you dream of holding a baby undersigned will get good provision. When you see your baby is born will be active in a job that is not unexpected and has nothing to do with your work lamp. And if the dream of seeing the baby in the mother's womb, marked people who obstruct your efforts will go away from you.

If you dream of buying building materials clearly marked you'll sock in a business you can start.

If you dream encounter carcasses already smell once, bertand trouble will befall you in money matters.

If you dream of being there on the balcony, you will be marked with an argument with a friend or your family. And if you are there on the balcony but could not see anything, marked should be cautious as you would be harmed by your friends dikala andan do not know anything.

If you dream of seeing the balloon or hold it marked something done and is expected to be less than satisfactory.

If you dream of sitting disebuah bench in the park, marked will be met with a friend who had long parted with you. When you are busy working disebuah bench, marked'll get a good appreciation of your employer.

If you dream of being located inside the bank will get and come a cropper.

If you dream of being watched flood marked you will be blessed with fortune. But if you are overwritten floods, bad address because it will be a shortage. Your dream house flooded bersirat you will be tired liver (annoyed, cranky, emotional soul).

If you dream of seeing a marked needlepoint pillow you will be helped by the supervisor.

If you dream of seeing the bull, marked will get a joy.

If you dream of reading the holy book is a great advantage. Also if the dream of learning to read, dream on hearing the sound of people read the book, marked your understanding will grow.

If you dream of lifting the stone to be brought back home, will be marked with a big lucky.

If you dream of playing pebbles marked distress you will be reduced. And you will be happy if you were woken up by the sound of gravel.

If you dream of burning forest or pedestal, marked your efforts will be successful. Especially in the matter of marriage and romance.

If you dream of eating onions, marked you have to be careful because people will be rigged.

If you dream exonerated by the court means that you can paralyze all human beings who are suspicious of you and your time can immediately successful work again.

If you dream of seeing and using talcum powder marked with romance and love you will be happy.

If you dream of seeing or touching or lying on a velvet marked a life of joy and delight.

If you dream belandar or forked from the house collapsed, unmarked will have trouble in the sudden.

If you dream of hearing the sound of the bell from afar, marked what is aspired to be fulfilled and if the sound of the bell near any marked you will slip in the mouth sweet and you might lose money.

If you dream of spending you will be happy in the household.

If you dream of entering the thread in the needle, marked if there is going to alleviate the difficulties come. Dreaming choosing yarn, unmarked happy to be coming soon.

If you dream of seeing the flag fixed and flapping, marked gains will come. But when the flag was just silent, marked a false report that suddenly come but you do not believe it.

If you dream hated people marked the good news will come to you.

If you dream of entering into a fortress, you will be marked resentment suddenly. And when looking at the fort corrected, marked will have a modest fortune.
If you dream there or near the castle you be helped by your friends. Relief was primarily the advent of the social and trade.

If you dream affected, it is marked as the opposite of your dreams.

If you dream of being chased bears, marked less well you will be troubled by people who are considered friends. But if you can avoid yourself or off biruang it would have got a good win from your enemies.

If you dream of sitting on the porch of a house, especially with the princess, meaning you to get married as soon as possible. But if you fall asleep diberanda, will address the difficulties you face, but so serious.

If you dream of seeing the street fighting of Commerce marked your situation going forward. Being the fight that children of all, the address of contention in the home (will) arise. And if the fight was animals, marked on the side of your wife's family are less happy with you.

If you dream of sailing diair quiet, address happiness will come, was sailing diair yelling is the opposite.

If you dream of seeing your own or being bet, you bind yourself marked a personal offensive of agreement.

If you dream of cleaning the body, a good sign at all means you honest and healthy and happy in life. You're a dream to clean other people's bodies, the address you will get a new ambition that had been released. Dream house cleaning utensils, marked you will get a high position in society. And if dreams clean teeth, you do not worry unmarked and rowdy about your livelihood now continue to provide happiness.

If you dream of giving or throwing rice at the bride and groom when you marked will soon marry (marriage) with immediate effect.

If you dream of working using the tool of iron unmarked in carpentry you have the talent to be developed soon.

If you dream out ulcers (sores) on the head, marked will arrive profits and dream body full of sores marked the advent of cheap sustenance.

If you dream of riding a crocodile into times or water, marked the work you will be more successful. And dream to see crocodiles crawling into your home, there will be a marked luck (profit). While the dream of seeing crocodiles, marked no enemy lurking secretly want to harm you.

If you dream of seeing a baby crib in the month, marked the successful work.And when dreams twins during months of marital bliss address.

Urination / Urinary
If you dream to urinate (pee) will be marked that hit home that thieves will come. Beware.

Defecate / Berak
If you dream of defecation marked there likely that you will lose something. Should be more careful.

If you dream of grapes, unmarked got a high position, and when you eat grapes marked you will receive an inheritance.

If you dream of a bachelor or a daughter, a marked something only imaginary, like building castles in the air.

If you dream of well toned in a dream marked to be trusted peers, but must be careful because they have the background.

If you dream of seeing people read the book, marked will get a good boy, and if you yourself are reading the book, you have a marked sense of culture (behavior, adab) is very favorable.

If you dream of climbing hills hard and finally arrived Payag above, marked you expect to be successful (in finding a good job). And if downhill marked the reverse.

If you dream of opening a cabinet or crate, marked you have to be careful, because the stored secret will soon be known by your own negligence (not careless, haphazard).

If you bermimpikan moon or the sun falls, marked you will mourn or grieve.

If you dream that you can surround the earth is marked very well at all for your presence (capability).

If you dream of no companions came carrying bundles, marked will find happiness on the way (well until the destination).

Bunting / Pregnant
If you dream of your wife being pregnant is less well marked.

If you dream of river overflow marked your work tends to go forward and see a small river water and clear, unmarked will be able to money that is not little.

Ferris wheel / Rainbow
If you dream of seeing a rainbow glowing red, marked a kindness, everything what you want is likely to be achieved.

If you dream of (women) see his lips could address achieve his goal as singers or other artists. For men must be careful because slipping own waffle issued (can not control the chatter ethical). While dreaming (male or female) who look the other sex lips well marked once in sexology that he could choose a mate friend matching exactly.

If you dream of seeing an angel flying over the house marked with happiness while an angel came on a conversation with your bercapa signaled great man would come and hang out with you.

Booths / rooms
If your dream is in your cubicle will ship marked (by friends will make an effort to ignorant) resulting damage.

If you dream of seeing an assortment of animals marked with the address you have to toil berwaspada which God willing will be successful.

If you dream of seeing stars in the sky are many different forms, this is a sign that all your needs will be met. This is also the address that you have worked hard. But do not forget also to God Almighty. God willing, will be successful.

If you dream of seeing blue colors around you marked with a kindness in the family circle. And in love there tumbu loyalty.

If you dream you hear the sound of biaola marked as soon as possible should take part (fast decision-making).

If you dream as if mute, a sign that your words against less trustworthy friends.

If you dream of being talk marked a very difficult problem facing you will soon be sorted out (not be long).

If you dream of playing around with dolls marked your household will live in harmony with children healthy.

If you dream of bald or hairless marked you will receive bad Khabar.

If you dream of seeing or mebawa bottles filled with any marked increase your wealth. While the dream of the bottle was empty, there is no marked difficulties vanish-vanish in trying anything.

If you dream of being boxing, or see the berboxing (boxing) marked the trade and you will experience a loss of income and distress.

If you dream of killing people, will be marked with a large fortune, were you killed people, marked less well you will become ill.

If you dream of seeing or holding a marked interest you will find luck in love (not distressed). Dream pick flowers, you will get a meaningful peace because it is favored by many people.

If you dream to meet with fleeced, marked'll get a good match, capture the machinations marked distress will live. Dream to see the machinations into wells, marked struck lucky and dream and snakes facing each address there will be a profit.

If you dream of hearing a gun go off, marked degrees will rise.

If you dream of seeing the birds fly, your health marked preserved low income and a happy marriage. And the birds fly towards your dream, unmarked gift will come to you in tranquility and peace.

If you dream of seeing a peacock marked will be helped by the wise.

If you dream of seeing egrets fly your sign will misspoke.

Bird Betet
If you dream of seeing a marked parrot will meet banya women disagree (you have to be careful addressing).

Bird turtledove
If you dream of seeing and holding doves marked or you will get a good wife or child.

If you dream of seeing and holding the pigeon unmarked or you will receive a letter.

If you dream of a canary singing in a cage marked happy.

If you dream to see and hear his pigeons, marked with your household happy, and feed him (bird-ed) you will be marked around the world for pleasure and happiness.

If you dream of an eagle flying marked with the job and your efforts will be successful.

If you dream bendengar marked croak you will feel the disappointment in love, and if the crows sounded on the roof, there are marked Khabar (news) evil that soon arrives to you.

If you dream you see sparrow signifies or that you know will hold a long journey.

Kuau birds
If you dream of hearing or seeing pheasants marked you will receive an inheritance or money.

If you dream of seeing ostrich marked all the plans that have been raised (mature) will collapse (fail) suddenly.

If you dream of as a blind person, marked you should be careful in the work that you do now because there are things that do not provide confidence for you. And if you only see the blind, unmarked there was a friend who immediately came in need of help to you.

If you dreamed of people in need of power, you must thoroughly marked again in your life, there are the elements (views) influential around your community. But in this case up from your wisdom on good days.

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