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dreams dictionary part 1

If you dream of seeing the crowd (the crowd) sector in a big meeting indicates, there is a belief of people of high rank will come to you. But if your dream was a less good evening address. A sign of disease in the community would threaten the population.

If you dream there are people in the dream pilgrimage included and dressed in white, unmarked good that you are doing all this time will produce results or you're reminded to Berlakulah more discerning and wise God sees you.

If you dream there is something that you should strive rights immediately in the dream is quickly address to fellow human influence.

If you dream of becoming a judge, a sign that you will receive in the form of a high enough position. If you dream of a judge on trial, you will be marked clean and free from insult and slander people.

If you dream of seeing your home page is clean and the door wide open, unmarked lesson you immediately reached.

If you dream emptiness of a business in search of work, there will be marked with a friend who wanted to drop you. Dreaming empty all pockets, marked people will be helped.

If you dream of hearing and seeing lightning bersambaran, marked you can immediately drop anyone who fell out with you.

close friend
If you dream of seeing a companion close friend you came to visit your home with a small smile, marked luck for you in distress will be entertained. Being your own who visit or rollicking place of close friends, you have to address a lot of work with your own energy and thoughts.

If you dream deliver something with nothing gets amid the road, marked safety will follow to arrive to you, you're a corpse deliver kekuburan unmarked position among your family less days longer be felt.

If you dream of seeing the hit-hit, marked your life full of great difficulties.

If you dream of talking to ghosts, you will increase the financial unmarked, were seeing a ghost, the address will be successful in business. Chased ghosts, address your errors arise. Dream to see ghosts smiling bersirat will live long.

If you dream drift away, there are issues that marked protracted this time you liwatkan and when drifting and drowning mean you will get a slander from people you know, old and new. If the drift but lead you bobbing and floating indicates there is a possibility, you are in any berusahan without a solid fundament, due to lack of maturation of calculation.

If you dream you're memorizing lessons, marked all ideals will soon be granted.

If you dream of fragrant fragrant flowers in your dream, is not well marked, romance you have bitterness, or households would be no harm.

If you dream of seeing a tiger marked with a warning to you not to doubt and hesitation, there is progress for you from filing a job application. But if the dream hunted tigers, there are people who intend marked evil to you.

Day year of birth
If you dream congratulate your own birthday meaningful, you will live longer. And if you receive your birthday gift, marked you will receive the gift of God Almighty.

If you dream of being receives something a result of your work, the opposite marked. While the dream to see people receive a salary for his work, marked with a sign that you should try in your work now.

If you dream hear heart tick, marked you will receive good news, while you dream of developing heart disease or tuberculosis, marked healthy and sound.

If you dream of being in cold weather, marked with the disease will strike at you, medium heat, unmarked there will be quarrels with your neighbors.

If you dream of getting a gift keepsakes, meaningful will get joy unexpectedly.

If you dream confronted by people in your life signify little experience difficulties particularly in employment, especially trade, shipping, (entrepreneur).

If you dream of something you see less action fun or would scandalize the public, signaling tindaktanduk you in the mix less attention. Your own being horrendous around you marked your respected among your friends.

If you dream of saving love and marked hidupp andan trade slump, when not trying to power and his own sweat. (As opposed to saving in everyday life).

If you dream of seeing tasted wind has picked up from the direction of the east with rain marked your health will suffer.

If you dream about your state of silence silence only marked in places you would stay quiet in this year, or what you kerajakan only a set course nothing is changed.

If you dream you see something that is surprising that you are less resilient marked very easily be influenced by others.

If you dream to decorate with white clothes, unmarked will be impaired health or guests arrive with malicious intent. And dream to see the ornate family would boldly there is a family who died, or at least the ornate earlier will be sick.

If your dream is in an orderly dish with assorted tasty and delicious food, you achieve fortune marked forever.

If you dream of losing something you would overwritten hard marked with a day two days.

If you dream of your nose bleeds, indicated he fully you will be given a safety advent unknown.

If you dream of being entertaining people in distress, meaningful will get a good boy and later loved people.

Bustle / noise
If you dream of hearing the rowdy everywhere meaning you will come to a great calamity, and when the noise occurs in a dream home in the household significantly threatened shaken.

If you dream of seeing something black, you will experience life meaningful decline and distress. All aspired to be unlucky.

If you dream of all visible wear wore green or green, preach where you will be given a life of happiness and prosperity will also meperoleh children are fine, as are the color of green grass signifies fertility.

If you dream of a respected person, you mean virtuous good to fellow man and will arrive grace that is not unexpected. Whereas when in your dream salutes gives meaning you'll lose a lot of buddies that were once thick.

If you dream of staying in the hotel or stop by dihotel marked your efforts will fail and deterioration.

If you dream of rain and strong winds attacked the middle of the road, a sign you will enjoy delicious dishes. Dreaming saw heavy rain and heavy, will be less marked malaise, and a dream saw a long rain stopped, would signal you will be ill, and when the dew rain only seen in dreams, marked there will be enemies (those who opposed) comes and you should beware of the possibility that will happen, but he suffered death. If the dream of seeing rain on the far bertafsirkan will get difficult, with new long tempo dirasai. And when you see the fruits of rain will be lurah (leader) of the wicked. Dream seeing significant spatter will get happiness because desire is achieved. Dream of gold saw significant rain will get sympathy.

If you dream of in the law means the opposite of you will live with the disorder do not have anything.

If you dream of writing letters and or see the letters either already at, bricked or on paper, you would do well marked in the prosecution of any interference.

If you dream of entering the jungle out of the forest with nothing gets annoying, marked everything that will be done can be determined is reached.

If you dream of paying debts, meaning you will come to the recognition that warms the

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