Saturday, May 30, 2015

interpretation of dreams

If you dream of conversing with the girl, marked a harmonious life in love.

If you dream of seeing elephants, marked will commend to the great man. Dream to see the elephants out of the house, an address will be honored guests come to you. Moderate see elephants inside the house, will be able to address the position or rank.

If you dream of your salary will be raised, marked that you lack the confidence of employers. While you dream of your salary is reduced, a sign the job you will get a hefty salary increase.

If you dream that you're hanging out with the wife of another man, marked there will be trouble later in the future of your family (binalah harmonious communication).

If you dream of eating with a fork marked to be in the household you will get pleasure ..

If you dream of seeing much salt you will get poluler marked and well-known in the association either male or female, while the dream of eating it with salt, you will face a marked health is maintained.

If you dream of seeing the building tilted or almost collapsed, unmarked will arrive disputes and quarrels in the household. While the dream of seeing the new building was set marked will face moved.

If you dream got any bracelet, marked will be able to work in the trade, and if the dream of wearing a bracelet, an address that your lover will not be behind the bow tuk forever.

If you dream of walking but suddenly lost due to darkness, a sign must be sought to look for friends who have to help you quickly. When a dream home in the dark, will be able to hardship.

Gendewa / Cords
If you dream of archery but the rope broke, an unfavorable omen, to be introspective.

If you dream of seeing the sun or moon eclipse indicates that you should be careful in business ..

If you dream of solving the glass itself is being held, there will be a marked disappointment and distress will come upon you.

If you dream of being overcome or wading through a sea of ​​corrugated and can achieve a good sign at all because everything would target will be done.

If you dream of your body to gain weight, marked kesehatn you will grow less well.

If you dream of holding a small child, you will be marked disagreement with your wife or if you want to marry (marriage) will berselisihan with a friend or sidekick.

If you dream of being located in the church, marked will receive the inheritance.

If you dream of a toothache and cry, a sign will receive a hitch. You dream to feel his teeth apart, there will be a marked who died in the family or in your own home. If the dream apart the upper teeth there are parents who died. If the lower teeth apart dream no relatives who died.

If you are bitten by an animal whatever, dream, signifying will be loved by many people.

Ear stud
If you dream of buying earrings for his wife, marked bahw your work will decline and in the development of this you have to find a way out. While the dream was given studs, auspicious and your trade job accomplished and successful ..

If you dream of walking into the cave with your friends, indicating there is a friend who always side by side with you will help you in a trade or business.

If you dream of seeing a man with a machete, will experience significant deficiencies in financial terms.

If you dream of watching the show wrestling, marked difficulty in trading life you will encounter, as well as if you yourself are playing wrestling and losing, marked to the public trust will no longer appreciated.

If you dream of sugar, marked will lose money, whereas if you sell sugar on others or neighbors, marked kesengan will soon arrive.

If you dream of climbing a mountain and never fell, a sign that you will be able to go forward in the work, and even more so if the mountain was a volcano of your position will be honored again. Dream to see the volcano erupted, meaningful will get misfortune ..

If you dream of using scissors to cut out some object, marked'll get the money. And if the dream of scissors separated from each other, marked contention will arise in your family circle. Dream of buying a pair of scissors would be no problem. And if the dream of wearing a pair of scissors meaningful will visit old friends.

If you dream of seeing or hearing people merry quip was excellent. While undreamed your own; that bersedagurau, marked kesediahn coming soon ..

If you dream of becoming a teacher you will be marked rise in the level of social and ideals. While dreams met with teachers, address the grace of good that comes from aid your friend the same age.

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