Saturday, May 30, 2015

remember your dreams last night and find meaning here

If you dream of ash ejected or hit in the nose up as if nothing could breathe signify in your work is currently being something went wrong.

If you dream to meet or met by lover (adinda) you signify you will be blessed with noble and high job retention.

If you dream of watching a funny scene, and farce signifies that you will gain a good advantage in the job.

If you dream of being taught by people, especially teachers or parents indicating there is an honor to be earned.

If you dream of meeting a / many admiral means life business (trade) and your social life squad is very advanced. And if a woman who dreamed of meeting with the admiral to be married a widower respectable and wealthy.

If you dream of walking on water and your address will be lucky. Dream being submerged in river water bad address. And if the dream of see water into the child's home address and you will experience pain. You dream crying tears melt the upcoming excitement address. And the dream of water signifies fruit soon (in days) will receive good news from their relatives or friends. Dream to see floodwater, bersirat will get rerzeki. Dream to see the water flowing, meaningful aka getting shocking news

If you dream of your father and mother (specifically) see their parents very well mean your life is in their eyes.

If you dream of seeing a chicken flew into the tree indicates that you will receive money. Dream to see the hen incubate address will be blessed with kindness. You're dreaming of seeing the chickens are laying, the address would be profitable. And dream of buying or roosters can you address immediately got children. Your chicken is stolen dream unmarked will be depressed. Maintaining chicks that means you do not rowdy (agitated, restless) with sustenance now. Was when fed to chickens dream job means you will get ahead and be successful all aspired.

If you dream of seeing a beautiful woman beautiful and you will be willing to address in the application or spoken for and everything you want if it is not accompanied by the things that you expect will fail even if the true ideals was of great significance.

If you dream of sleeping on a swing, you will be under sail (go away). Dream sit swinging with a different sex will address soon tibah mate. Dreaming of swing marked fall there will be a big loss in trade.

If you dream of avoiding a performance conducted by a famous actress means you will get doubled luxury banda. If you yourself are an actress, address all ideals can be achieved.

If you dream in the middle of aerial acrobats without a crash of the leader (the person whose position you above your boss) will be lucky if it is seen that there is an accident or a fall in the trip or you plan a good idea do not always forwarded as likely to experience a lot of obstacles. And if you yourself become acrobats means your eyes to the society ignored or scornfully.

If you dream dream to see the incredible natural beauty of your address will be detached from the hard and loss. And if you are sick (stricken) will recover to normal.

If you dream of seeing your fortune marked square waves are being manipulated state briefly rose briefly down.

If you dream of seeing the photos in an album either people or the beautiful sights, you marked that during this long-awaited end will experience bitterness but also can be resolved and there is a chance to mate.

If you dream of drinking alcohol so that goods (intoxicating) as if it did not know the world anymore, marked you will have a healthy body, mind sane in the face of something physical and spiritual life events.

Clothes cupboard
If you dream of open wardrobe and it is the woman who opened it will overwhelmingly later when his clothes he was intent on finding life.

If you dream often predict (doing good deeds for example, donated funds, etc.), In fact you no longer need to charity. And if you accept the deeds of others, the address must be careful in your dikala times being overwritten difficult. The opposite of that when you dream of becoming the head of a charitable society or people.

If you dream of seeing, maintain, having heard the child, the address of a profit will soon come to you. Especially if you dream of having a boy. Dream to see children playing meaningful will get a mate.

If you dream of maintaining or picking up orphans, the address of your fortune would soon soar. And when visiting the orphanage, the address will receive good news from a close family circle. If you own the dream of becoming an orphan marked your life full of luxury and happiness, many friends who help and love always compaction of them.

If you dream of playing around with a / some lamb marked the life of your household will be peaking. And your children will be successful and happy life if you dream of feeding the lambs or sheep other.

If you dream of joking or playing around with kittens, anada address does not have to bother about the life and peri conduct your economy, all within a short time you can immediately happy. Dream to see or watch a sleeping cat, the address of your household peace will be achieved. Being your dream cat scratched you address is being bullied or harassed by people who will actually more stupid than you.

Being heard or saw no dogs barking address of a friend, friend, friend, acquaintance, who sought to deflect you in a crime (something that is bad for you). And when you see a dog coming to you wagging his tail marked ana will be able to complete an important business immediately, and if you dream of caring for a dog or some of your fortune will peak hit.

Collapsing / Collapsed
If you dream of a few walls of your home each marked stairway collapsed or collapsing your household would fall apart.

If you dream of seeing a swan marked growth of your love will blossom (achieved). And if you dream of seeing the goose goes off, your address will (have to) accept any advice from anyone about the existing problems faced.

If you dream of a hurricane strike home, your address at any time to leave the house and or hometown.

Large wind
If you dream of wind bersar you will soon receive a letter and a Khabar. Dreaming wind Santar your address will experience pain.

Sea breeze
If you dream of a sea breeze, address, country, or at least your community is broken, and if the state of war will arise.

If you dream of seeing a brazier filled with coals or charcoal fire that they arrive quickly fortune address.

If you dream got gendewo marked with arrows or you will be assisted by samapai enough (able to carry out your wishes yourself).

If you dream of clashing arms with other people or friends, the address will be a fight that you yourself do not experience pain.

If you dream out of the base or unmarked forest you will lose money or something beharga.

If you dream dream to see the incredible natural beauty of your address will be detached from the hard and loss. And if you are sick (stricken) will recover to normal.

If you dream of bringing the fire in the boat, marked will get a hefty profit. Sudden land marked fire exit you will experience health problems. Saw fire from afar, will address a long life, while the fire was the color black, the address you will soon find what you are looking for. When the dream of seeing a fire burning in the house marked will receive the goodness of the Almighty and can also sense the reverse of that you are asked to be more careful again. Dreams of seeing the fire come down from heaven and burned his own house (you) will get sustenance marked or much money. And if you're putting out the fire dream unmarked will be able to complete the current difficulties faced. A dream saw a fire in the cemetery, meaningful long-lived.

If you dream of seeing the procession, both procession of Chinese or others marked your life through many difficulties and other events that you have to work and toil in for days to complete.

If you dream of an architect you will receive high honors in memburuhkan (hiring) power to others.

If you dream of seeing the smoke, marked will get sick were not fiery fumes, there will be a marked Khabar that lie will be accepted. See black smoke out of the house, will be able to pain signaling. While seeing the smoke berkepul-kepul, address everything that aspired not be achieved.

If you dream as if it was in April, marked a successful job, good romance, happiness rises and kesengan peaked.

If you dream of being in the month of August marked Everything pertaining in August likely will not succeed and all the work the results are unsatisfactory.

If you dream of eating an apple marked you will encounter a good success and high. Dream Apples on the table address you position the percentage will rise mainly the views of the community.

If you dream of in a state of floating (amid water) your chances in a solid fundament berusahan no less powerful because its calculation. Float (floating) in sugai or oceans that a sign would fail in the attempt. Dreaming of a fish or a mermaid especially being adrift dilautan suksenya address the subject in a marriage or love.

If you dream of (men) who drank wine there is the address of a friend who can help in a lunge, was when the drink was a woman will address the mating face another year.

If you dream of receiving an insurance policy unmarked office will increase your financial condition.

If you dream to feel saltwater or drinking water taste salty river unmarked will make money from the initiative (initial thought) were less than honest.

If you dream of sitting or standing disebuah roofs address all the ideals of the time is reached and when you sit down with a close friend you can keperuntungan marked both in a trading business.

If you dream of seeing a white cloud address marital happiness in success in trade and health on the day looked old. Dark rain clouds dream warning you to be careful, because all items are preferred. Dream cloud of red sighting marked a wretched village will be overwritten and may kampug you. See the clouds blackened meaningful dream will come one cares.

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