Saturday, May 30, 2015

the meaning of your dreams

If you dream of seeing light smoke, marked with the trade quickly sell his wares.

If you dream of drinking in a cup, marked the life will be guaranteed physical and spiritual. Cup broke you must be willing to accept something good khabar.

If you dream of seeing worms address marked your life will be guaranteed physical and spiritual. Dream broken cups you have to be willing to accept something good khabar.

If you dream of envy wife (husband) you or fiancé, marked inventory of your life in a matter of eating and your clothes enough.

If you dream of being a story in front of the crowd, you will be marked feared by friends with confidence (jokingly that too).

If you dream got a mirror, will get a mate unmarked noble. Dream view mirror broken, meaning there will be a looming disaster you. The dream is being mirrored, marked the coming obstacle / obstacles so beware.

If you dream of failing in love, marked will be mengaatasi what is needed your lover. Love dream start, marked you need a lot of stoic face something unexpected contention.

If you dream of losing the ring, you have to be vigilant marked running rollers in the company, the dream was given a ring, marked will soon arrive when the marriage.

If you dream of kissing lover, marked the relationship will face-maintained. Kissing children, family health will come marked with a satisfactory power. Foul smell, marked your position in everyday life there are endeavored to find a way to obstruct.

If you dream of going shaving, there are families who are sick marked your own or get a hitch.

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