Saturday, May 30, 2015

what your dreams last night?

If you dream of eating pancakes, marked you will not bother in the case where the love is always met if the dream of eating pancakes.

If you're dreaming of playing dice then it is likely bad luck will come our way, you should immediately changed the life of your.

If you dream of becoming the head office of one of the trading company marked you will always be excessive and out of social life, as long as your work is less concerned with the conditions excessive.

If you dream of eating raw meat, less pleasant marked your life, that would cook the meat well.

Dog meat
If you dream of eating dog meat, marked immediately got a big obstacle.

Goose meat
If you dream of eating goose meat, you will experience a marked sense of not feeling well (poor health).

If you dream of eating beef, marked you will arrive at your kindness.

If you dream of eating Dading goats, marked your hometown or village of birth is always peaceful.

Slice of meat
If you dream of seeing a slice or a piece of meat is marked you will be able to goodness.

Meat and veins
If you dream of eating meat and black or red veins of goats, unmarked address will get a sudden illness.

Mutton gibas
If you dream of eating mutton black gibas marked a hefty fortune will come.

Thirst / Haus
If you dream thirsty, marked you will receive a provision of the results of your own sweat.

Dahan / Tree
If you dream of seeing a bare tree, an address that you will come to poverty, while seeing shade trees and dense by its fruit, the address of wealth will come to you.

If you dream of seeing paddle located inside the boat, your job will be empty. While the dream of seeing paddle float multiplied, will fail to address all the effort. While the dream of paddling, is the address of your business with all the strength that is capable and zeal will find happiness.

Loom / Houses
If you dream of seeing or live in a hut / small house paddy fields, marked with an address that you always pay attention to people because you are virtuous in people.

If you dream of staying in the kitchen or cooking in the kitchen houses a rich man, marked an immediate profit you earn. And when you look at her own home kitchen is very bright at all, will get the name and address high position.

If you dream of blood on the bed, less well marked, while seeing no blood flowed, unmarked will eat well.

If you dream of seeing a vast mainland, marked where you will be blessed with the sustenance of God Almighty. Whereas you see land after sailing tens of miles at sea, a sign you will be able to accomplish something good address at all.

If you dream of dancing with your partner loved ones, you will quickly address a matchmaking. You're a dream to visit the dance, success in love.

If you dream of seeing green leaves lying on the ground, is an encouraging sign of a happiness, your life full of secrets, sustenance. Are looking at the leaves fall, you should be careful in conversation with others, could drop a little because you forever.

If you dream of falling dust so as if you can not breathe unmarked need a lot of careful doing work now, many obstacles and temptations.

If you dream to hear the faint sound of people chanting / singing marked no confidence either come to you.
If you dream of envy didengki people, especially neighbors, marked a lot of questions that you need to do the job properly, especially now (not negligent).

Ringer / Sound
If you dream of hearing a ringing sound money endless happiness are marked with a social life.

Dian / small Lamp
If you dream of small lamps lit all subjects, marked success in the work even though simple. While seeing little lights flickering in the room anywhere, your address must be careful, will experience the bitterness of life.

If you dream of sitting didipan new, unmarked you will earn yourself a favor, if you sit kebelulan your pregnant wife will soon give birth to such a good boy.

If you dream of freezing, marked you will get help from a friend reasonable.

If you dream of praying, you will gain happiness marked especially physical health. And if the dream of people praying in a feast, marked no compassion that comes at you.

If you dream of a handyman dobi or laundry, you do not get too hung marked the fate of life to others in your business now.

If you dream of riding gig, the undersigned will have this benefit, dream ride gig while joking, the address will be successful in trade and travel. While riding gig in the house, no sign of an accident or illness among family there.

If you dream of visiting a doctor, you will be achieved marked gains. Your social life will appear when the dream call a doctor to come in your home. Being you dream of as a doctor, your address memppunyai many friends at a time when happy.

If you dream of lamb, marked a joy of life and have a family who loved and have maintained health.

If you dream of sin, you are approaching accident marked.

If you dream of sitting down with a permpuan not a wife (and vice versa), undersigned will make a profit. Dream sitting on a rock, marked will gain eternal sustenance.

If you dream of sorrow, signifies good yag dream once, that you will get enough kesehatn and in abundance.

If you dream of seeing or holding the thorn tree, there will be a marked progress for you and make others envy.

If you dream of going kedusun either on foot or on horseback, marked changes in your life will soon arrive.

If you dream of eating durian, marked poorly, you will experience impaired physical health, and if you see anyone durian marked on your sentiments.

If you dream of an ambassador calling you, marked the coming of the heyday of the eternal. You're a dream to become the ambassador marked will be helped a great man in terms of occupation (job).

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